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Universal shelter 6ш120 RATNIK

Manufacturer: RUS / ZYURATKUL
Weight: 1,3 Kg
Not available
Quantity in stock: 0
Price: 45,00 EUR

These goods can be pre-ordered when not in stock.
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Universal shelter is part of the RATNIK set.

The shelter is designed to protect soldiers from rain and wind. It can be used as a tent, tarpaulin or stretcher for transfer of wounded or cargo.
To build a 4 person tent, you must combine 2 shelters. It is also possible to fold it into a compact pillow of dimensions 36 x 29 cm.

Dimensions: 165 х 280 cm

Shelter has straps, pockets with laces, loops and handles.


4 person tent

  1. Connect the two shelters by the longitudinal sides.
  2. Install a stanchions with a height of 1.1 m at a distance of 2.5 m.
  3. Put on the pockets of one of the shelters in place of the joint.
  4. Pull the longitudinal laces from the pockets with the stanchions.
  5. Secure the edges of the shelters with pegs, forming the side walls of the tent.
  6. Connect the two shelves with longitudinal sides to the transverse sides of the connected shelters.
  7. Secure the edges of the shelters with pegs, forming the end walls of the tent.
  8. Secure the connected edges of the shelters with stretches.

1 person tent

  1. Install a stanchions at a height of 0,65m and distance of 1.9 m.
  2. Put the pockets on the stanchions.
  3. Pull the longitudinal laces from the pockets with the stanchions.
  4. Secure the edges of the shelter with pegs.


  1. Lay the shelter with the handles down.
  2. Bend part of the shelter without the case along the transverse side to the handles.
  3. Bend the shelter in half along the longitudinal side.
  4. Pouch use as a pillow.
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Alexander, 16.07.2019
Überzeugende russische Alternative zu üblichen Tarps. Bedingt durch seine Größe nicht so vielfältig aufbaubar wie z.B. ein DD Tarp, aber mit interessanten Features versehen, wasserdicht und überaus durchdacht. Der Artikel gefällt mir sehr!